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Business Consulting

Frictionless Sales & CRM for impact

Looking to optimize your sales process? Are your sales resources spending too much time on administration and too little time with customers? 

Maybe it’s time to empower your sales team to achieve better results. Frictionless selling is a way of rethinking sales to effectively reduce friction and create more convenient, engaging experiences for both buyers and sales representatives 

Marketing Automation & Sales alignment

Do you have an efficient process for driving great leads that sales just love to work on?

The secret lies in clearly defining an efficient lead building strategy, smooth processes for sales handover and automating the time consuming parts of your marketing and sales outreach. Sounds great? It’s all possible with the right mix of automation software and lean processes. 


Customer Success Strategy

So you won the customer, but how do you maximize the revenue opportunity to get a great return on acquisition cost? You might have a customer success team, but are they really just doing customer services, or are they truly growing your business? We have +10 years experience building and executing efficient customer success growth strategies and can help you too.

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