Jacob Lego Boye

Senior consultant
Strategy and project leadership

Jacob has 20+ years experience in managing digital projects successfully. In 2013, he stepped out as an independent consultant and started the company Lego Boye Consulting with the ambition to help companies with tasks related to the digital, from strategies to program and project management. Customers include IT, telco, retail and utilities.

Before that, he spent 15 years in IT and telco companies, most recently as Online Director of Telenor. As an employee, he has been responsible for Product Management, Marketing and Online/eBusiness and had management responsibilities for up to 35 employees. Responsibilities have involved all types of commercial liability, including forecasting, profit & loss, pricing & promotions and product strategies. Furthermore, everything related to processes and systems, such as complex telco delivery processes and development of webshops and including CRM, order process and billing systems.

Jacob wrote the book ‘Online Customer Service’, has authored several articles and giving lectures. Jacob has just announced that there is a new book on Digital Project Management.

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  • Broad experience leading digital projects and interaction between vital systems, such as between CRM and ERP systems.
  • Classification of business needs and definition of objectives
  • Developing strong business cases
  • Requirements specifications to drive tenders
  • Choice of implementation partner and technical platform
  • Contract writing and participate in the execution of each project.
  • Ranges from strategy to tactical tasks and issues.


  • Strong coupling of commercial, process & systemic understanding.
  • Quickly understands new, complex issues
  • Prioritizes and finds good, pragmatic solutions
  • Strong for communication, collaboration and involvement
  • Great drive and executing ability.

Relevant Experience

  • 2013: Chief Consultant, Lego Boye Consulting
  • 2010-13: Online Director (Vice President), Telenor
  • 2008-10: Head of Department, Online and Product Management, Telenor
  • 2007-8: Head of Department, Marketing and Product Management, Cybercity
  • 2004-7: Head of Department, Product Management, Cybercity