Business Coaching

Career Coaching

Ok so you got this far, but what is the next step in your career? Career coaching shouldn’t only be about titles and salary. LeapForward career coaching focuses on

  • Identifying core strengths
  • Planning for self development
  • Connecting work and purpose
  • Sharpening your LinkedIn profile
  • Developing your elevator pitch

Inbound Sales

Inbound Marketing strategy needs to be paired with effective Inbound Sales execution. We have extensive experience building and coaching Inbound Sellers and customer success managers on driving and maximizing the sales opportunity

  • Sales Rep Coaching
  • Sales Leadership Coaching
  • Creating Sales playbooks
  • Effective onboarding
  • Effective use of CRM
  • Leveraging sales automation to increase efficiency 


Are you in the unfortunate situation where you have to say goodbye to one or more employees? LeapForwards outplacement model focuses on helping the employee regain confidence and identifying their optimal next career steps

  • Career Coaching
  • CV’s that attracts recruiters
  • Networking for impact
  • Sharpening your personal pitch
  • Mental and physical preparedness

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